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Instructional trail Červené blato

Longitude: 4,20 kmSort: TrekkingInstructional trail

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Pension Červené blato in Jiříkovo Údolí (George´s valley) - The peat bog Červené blato - Pension Červené blato

Detailed route description

Glass-works in Jiříkovo Údolí (George´s valley)

Glass-works in Jiříkovo Údolí were founded most probably in 1774. Gained importance after 1815, when Count Jiří František Buquoy began here experiments with production of new glass types (black opaque glass - hyalit).

The peat bog

Peat bog with abundant Bog pine and Marsh Tea. Part of the peat bog protected since 1953, in 1992 the area of 750 km² has been declared National nature reserve.

Trees on the peat bog

Typical for the periphery parts of the peat bog are Pines, Spruce, White Birch, Alder Buckthorn, Mountain Ash and Pedunculate Oak.

Development of the peat bog

The peat bog was formed in the terrain depression with upwelling springs. The original fen and transient bog has been transformed during millenniums into high bog with mighty layer of peat.

Use of peat

Because the price of the wood was high, the peat was excavated and used in the glass-works in Jiříkovo Údolí (1860-1910). In the second half of the 20th century the bogs were systematically drained, peat used for agriculture and land for cultivation of production forests.

 Flora of peat bogs

Dead pine trunks remain in the areas where the peat was excavated. These areas are dominated by several peat moos species. Among higher plangs, abundant are Cottongrasses, Cranberries, Round-Leafed Sundews, Bilberries, Bog Whortleberries, Cowberries and Heathers.


Large pinewoods of the Červené blato are important entomological area. The most spectacular are flying insects. You can often see dragonfly Common Hawker or butterfly Bilberry Clouded Yellow. The most valuable are populations of cryophilic species.


Abundant are Viviparous lizards, European adders chase small sized mammals, for example Field Voles and Bank Voles. More rare visitors are Elk and Lynx. Pines are used as nests by Black storks. Hazel hens have here the lowest known breeding place in South Bohemia.

Old pinewoods

Bog pine dominates here over Scots pine. The strongest factors that influence peat bog development are windbreaks, fires and dieback.

Detailed information you can get on the information boards placed at each stop of the instructional trail.

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