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Instructional trail Ema Destinnová - trail for visitors with disabilities

Route to download

Route to download
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Which way to walk

Lutová - crossroads at the fish pond Kanclíř - fish pond Staré jezero - crossroads at the fish pond Starý Hospodář - The long bridge - New River dam - Stříbřec bridge

Detailed route description


Village historical monument, mentioned already in 1349. Gothic Church of All Saints from the second half of the 14th century (rebuilt in 1615 and 1875) forms important landscape dominant. From the church there is a view on large part of South Bohemian fish pond basins.

Fish ponds Podsedek and Nový Hospodář

The Chlum fish pond network was designed by Mikuláš Ruthard of Malešov. He has also constructed fish ponds Staňkovský, Staré jezero, Kanclíř and others. This network is one of the most perfect fish pond schemes in our country.

The "Long bridge" across the New River

The canal New River was constructed in 1584-1586. Although it has been man-made, today it resembles natural river. Several rare species of fish (Eel-pout, Spiny Loach) and invertebrates can be found here.


Along the dam, there are 96 memorable trees - Common Oaks 200-400 years old. These stands have only partly replaced the original oak groves that used to cover most of the area before human settlement. The oaks provide habitat to large number of rare species (Longhorn Beetle). The cavities provide nests to Goldeneye, Woodpeckers or Tawny owls.

Novořecká hráz (New River dam)

Dam built by Jakub Krčín in the eighties of the 16th century. The dam guides the canal called New River from the river basin of Lužnice into the river basin of Nežárka. The canal protects fish pond Rožmberk against flooding.

Stříbřecký most (Stříbřec Bridge)

Road bridge across the New River. Downstream, approximately 300 meters on the left side is small memorial of opera singer Ema Destinnová.

Na trase naleznete

A river with the soul of a beautiful lady.